Yoga and ayurveda Festival  at Halkær Inn, in Denmark From 30th of june 2017, a yoga and ayurveda festival will take place at Halkær Inn in Denmark.

With us from India, the yoga teachers Rajbir and Anna Slavgorodskaia Dhillon will give classes in yoga and meditation. Also from India is Dr. Rohit Borkar, who is doctor in ayurvedic medicine. He will be giving lectures on Ayurveda and will offer consultations concerning health, lifestyle and diet (these are not included in the listed price below)


The language will be English.


The festival will offer a light and wonderful summer week with many activities:

  • Daily yoga classes for both beginners and advanced students
  • Meditation



Maximum number of participants is 35 on a first come, first served basis.


This initiative is taken by a non-profit group consisting of: Randi Kragh, Karen Holm, Lisbet Myers Zacho, Ulla Bondam, Gry Clasen



Practical information


Further information, registration and payment: Ulla Bondam tel. +45 40 50 15 50, registration: ulla@ulla.dk. Notification on whether there is space will take place via mail, and hereafter payment must be made to account: ayur – yoga Fee:

Entire week:

Price one week: 3300 DKK food included

Four days:

1900 DKK food included


Time:            Arrival Friday 30 june in the afternoon

Departure friday Juli 7th 2015


Facilities:     On the grounds it is possible to camp, either in one’s own tent or by bringing a caravan (note: no electricity available) Camping fee: 50 DKK pr day per unit

It is also possible to sleep in shelters.

There is access to bathing facilities and toilets as well as WIFI.

Other lodging and accommodation can be found in nearby B&Bs and at the Halkær Inn.


It is a good idea to bring bicycles.